Wellica Reviews: Store That Does Not Deliver

Wellica.com Review

Wellica Nutrition is an online store that offers a wide variety of dietary supplements, vitamins, nutritional products, organic and natural bath and beauty products and health products among others. The company has a mission to provide customers with the best service and high quality products that are availed at cost effective prices. This is a store that is concerned with the overall wellbeing of their customers and that is why will look at you holistically when you come to them.

The store is proud to offer an extensive range of products from the top manufacturers in the world. The quality of products and service level will tell you that satisfying customers is a high priority for this store. Most of the customers who come to this store often come again to reorder more products from this site. All products are approved by the FDA which ensures that only quality products are sold here.

Wellica.com Reviews

Since we needed more information about this company, we had to look for more information. Fortunately we were able to find some customer reviews. All the reviews that we found were negative even though the total number of reviews is quite low. Li Li is one customer who placed and order on this store and two weeks later he got an email stating that his order has been cancelled. He emailed the company to find out what was happening since he had not cancelled the order. Sadly, he did not get any response from the company and there is not one who bothered to tell him what had transpired. He says that he will never do any business with this company again.

Numes on the other hand placed an order that was not only late in shipping but arrived only as part of what he ordered. When he contacted the company he was informed that the rest has been shipped and would arrive shortly. He never received the order and he tried calling them severally but was always directed to the machine. He lost his money and never got a refund from this company which he regards as a big scam.

Wellica.com Coupon Codes

Coupon codes have become so popular with online shopping. Stores like this one that sell health and nutrition products do everything possible to ensure that customers come to the store. Coupons are used to give away discounts on various products. They are very easy to use and most of them are straightforward. As buyer, you just pick any items that you need and apply the given code and the discount will be deducted from the amount you are required to pay.

Due to the increasing competition in the market, the company should find a way of attracting buyers to their store. Reduced prices on products are some of the options that they can consider. Even the extremely rich people do mind saving some money when shopping. The company should introduce some deals that will appeal to people who buy nutritional products elsewhere. Discounts are appreciated by every person and are considered to be attractive.


Wellica.com is a store that has been reported to be untrustworthy by other online websites. From the reviews that we got, people were complaining about the unreliability of the store and there was nothing positive about it. Orders are cancelled without the clients’ consent and money is not refunded. This sounds like a huge scam that has been crafted with the intention of ripping off clients. You should therefore avoid any transactions with this site since you will end up being disappointed and lose your money. We rate this store with 1 star while considering all the information presented above.

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