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We recommend to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders
OPEN NOW has an impressive layout and big claims made on its official website. It says to follow ethical business strategies due to which it has successfully managed to uphold a good reputation in the market. Via Best Buy e-shop says that the customers can completely trust and rely on this pharmacy for buying quality generic products. The generic medicines available at Via Best Buy are manufactured in India by Sun Pharma Laboratories Limited which is one of the biggest supplier of drugs in the United States. The company offers different types of generic drugs related to erectile dysfunction. These drugs include Viagra, Priligy, Levitra and Cialis and the company is confident of the purity and the consistent quality of these drugs. The prices of drugs are still quite high as Via Best Buy offers 100 mg of generic Viagra at 2.9 US Dollars per tablet.

The company accepts payments made via credit cards or Bitcoin. It is disappointing that this drug store ship only within the United States and international shipping is not available here as yet. Two services can be availed in order to get the parcel shipped. Regular shipping requires 10 to 18 days to deliver the parcel and charges about 29 US Dollars for its services. Express Shipping comes with an option to track the order constantly and it takes 7 to 10 days to deliver. The cost for Express Shipping is higher and set at 39 US Dollars. The company ensures that it delivers only within 2 hours after receiving the payment. It also guarantees a complete refund if a customer does not receive his order or if he is not satisfied with the results produced by the product. There is no proper way to contact the company and the customer has to email their queries and complaints on the given email address. No live chat or contact number is provided on the website. Reviews

Customer reviews regarding the functioning of Via Best Buy e-store are rare to find. There was only review that I could get my hands on and it was quite positive.

The review was given by a customer named Gary Jones who said that his order arrived a few days later than he was told due to “customs” but he was okay with it because he constantly received “tracking email updates” regarding it. He further mentioned that everything was perfect and called himself as a “happy customer” in the end.

The review was good but it was found on Via Best Buy e-shop official website only. No other platform had it which means that the credibility of this comment cannot be ascertained. This review cannot play a role in determining if Via Best Buy is authentic or not because there is a possibility of it being forged. Reviews 2016

There seems to be a general lack of reviews regarding as none could be found even for the year 2016. So, I decided not to waste any more time and headed straight to Scamner to check what it has to say about this pharmacy.

Scamner seems to be quite suspicious about Via Best Buy as the domain that it uses has only been registered recently which means that it is not the best store for buying drugs. Moreover, the fact that it has no trust records indicates that it can be a relatively newer web store. Scamner has given it a 0 percent trust rating.

LegitScript has simply called Via Best Buy a rogue store that has not been successful in validating itself. So, it also becomes quite clear that this store does not have an approval from LegitScript as well. Coupon Codes

The discounts offered at e-store seem impressive. These discount offers are available on different items, one of which is the ED combo pack.

This pack consists of multiple ED drugs i.e. Viagra, Cialis, Cialis Soft, Viagra Soft and Viagra for women. The original price of this pack is not indicated but it has been mentioned that a 50 percent discount is available on it.

Conclusion cannot be regarded as a considerable option for buying drugs for erectile dysfunction. A number of reasons account for this fact, the biggest one of which is that it only ships medicines to the residents of the United States. Not to mention the sky-high prices of every drug available here. The website seems to be quite impressive and promises a lot but LegitScript and Scamner are of the view that all of this is fake. I also did not find any proper reviews to authenticate this store as well. This proves that Via Best Buy e-shop is just another pharmacy store which can’t be trusted with pharmaceuticals. I would give this store 2 out of 5 and would ask the customers not to orders drugs from it until it does something to prove its validation.

Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders
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