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This is one of the best online drugstores I have dealt with...
They have a very good selection of health and beauty products and their prices are very good. I have only had good experiences on this site.
Very quick shipping. Usually get my orders in 2-3 days is a leader in bringing a new dimension in community pharmacy. This online health store is committed to helping people from all over the world receive the best health care. Customers are advised on the importance of observing medication obedience so as to improve their general health. This pharmacy avails online doctors who talk to patients on the significance of taking the exact prescribed medication and clearing the given dosage.

The main focus of is helping people live healthy by observing the right procedures in terms of taking drugs. Products and drugs provided are of first-class quality thus customers’ health can never be compromised. This pharmacy has a wide range of drugs and products to choose from thus customers can find exactly what they want at ease.

The efficient team of is mandated to provide the best services to customers at all times so as to keep them satisfied. Reviews

KarlaBell is one disappointed customer who never received what she ordered for despite making payments. She has since tried to find answers from the management but none are forthcoming. Upon checking the status of her order one of them reflects “out of stock” yet she has not been notified. She is wondering why the company has gone quiet yet she needs her products right away. KarlaBell urges potential customers to stay away from this online pharmacy. has an extremely poor reputation online according to scamvoid. This site is not blacklisted but the most trusted security services, however its trustworthiness score is poor. Web of Trust has also found out that its vendor reliability is poor which indicate that there are shoppers who did not have a good experience. They may have been victims to fraud or scams meaning this online pharmacy cannot be trusted nor relied upon to fulfill what it has stated.

On the contrary, this is a very popular website on the internet today attracting a good number of online users. Google in conjunction with Alexa have found a number of back links from different websites. In addition, its social network presence is excellent having a lot of users who have shared it. Coupon Codes avails special offers, discounts, promo codes and deals to customers from time to time. At the moment this online pharmacy has some drugs and products whose prices have been reviewed and reduced drastically. They are:

  • Nivea skin firming hydration body lotion meant for dry skin 6.8 oz was previously at $11.59 but now customers can have it at $6.38. The savings made will be $5.21
  • People concerned about their oral hygiene can now purchase Biotene Oral Balance Dry mouth relief moisturizing gel 1.5 oz for $5.97 lowered from $7.99 enabling customers save $2.02
  • For $16.89 customers can purchase CharcoCaps activated charcoal antacid having a total of 100capsules. The previous price was $12.04 and the savings will be $4.85

Also all skin care products attract a 10% discount in addition to all allergy products. All Sunmark brand products also attract a discount of 10%.

Orders that exceed $49 receive free shipping to any destination.

Conclusion has made a lot of customers unhappy thus termed the site as a scam. Great disappointment has been expressed by those that have paid for products yet delivery has not taken place. To make things worse, the management is not doing anything to make things better. Addressing these key concerns should be the first thing the customer care team should be attending to. This online pharmacy can have decreased sales in the long run for making customers unsatisfied after spending their money. This company receives a score of 3 hoping that it will do its best to turn things around.

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