Silkroad-pharmacy Reviews – Too Many Complaints

Silkroad Pharamcy is an online pharmacy that is currently offline for unknown reasons. The homepage claims that they are currently facing difficulties in getting online and they will be back soon. Information about their prices, payment options, customer service and product range is not available right now. Reviews

Customer reviews and online feedback is mostly negative for the Silkroad pharmacy. On one popular review website, Site jabber, 20 reviews rated the online store 1 out of 5 out of 26 total reviews that indicates that the online store enjoys very poor online reputation. Overall, the website earned only 19% positive rating from customers that is extremely poor. Even though, customer feedback is readily available that shows that they were popular among customers at some point of time but customer’s experiences with them are extremely poor with many people complained about financial loss. Reviews

Customer reviews and online feedback appeared on the internet in 2014 and 2015 which shows that the website is new. Reviews1

Even though, their representative Asghar Ali replied to some complaints and was willing to resolve the issues, but the way he was responding was also not professional. For example, in one response, he said “How can you say such thing about us?” even when every other review is calling them scammers and cheaters. Reviews2

The online store is rated negatively for trustworthiness and legitimacy by scam alert websites. Other than low rating from scam alert websites, the online pharmacy is also listed as rogue pharmacy by Legit Script for not meeting the standards set for verification of online pharmacies.

Based on their extremely poor online reputation and many complaints about financial loss, customers are advised to stay away from them if they value their money. Reviews 2015

The story remained same for Skillroad Pharmacy as most reviewers in 2015 called them thieves, scammers and fraud. There are only two satisfied customers who claimed that they get their orders but tens of other customers claimed that they never received any order and their amount was lso not refunded. Reviews 2014 2015

According to one customer, Lea M who reviewed the website on 11th April 2015 claimed that the website looked very professional as he received response of his emails within 24 hours before his order. But once he sent them money through MoneyGram, they stopped communicating with him and stole his money as he never received his order. He claimed that when he wanted to check the status of his order on their page, it responded in ERROR. The customer claimed that he lost 70 Pounds and advised others to not to order from them ever.

All in all, the online pharmacy is scam, may be one of the reason why they go offline. Coupon Codes

As the website is currently offline, there is no information about their special discounts and coupon codes. Customers can check back later once they get online again.


The online store is currently not online as their homepage shows that they are under construction and will be live soon. It looks like that after an overwhelming negative response and too many complaints from the customers about financial loss makes them go down and they may be switching the domain in future. Based on their poor online reputation and their current online status, customers are advised to stay away from them even if they come online in future. The website deserves 1 out of 5 rating.

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  • suzanne corcoran


    • Bart

      Djeez never heard off darkmarkets? Yes this is a scam but how old are you, since you wanted to try them out.

      Be safe

  • Jo Lynn Newberry

    Don’t send money theres try they will take your money but never send your order!

  • Lee stewart

    Please be aware this isa scam to get your money and you will be without anythingl

  • Lee stewart

    Donot order from this company I have reported them to western union and local police and state police do not order Donot order this is a scam

  • Kristen Thompson

    they are online as of now..i cant believe people would even think of sending money to them Via WU. “if its sounds to good to be true..”

  • sweet silk

    I ordered Ativan-1mg a week ago for anxiety and relaxation, as I suffer from anxiety, and am always “on the go”, it seems. This stuff is magic! Thirty minutes after taking it, I felt so much more relaxed! Amazing stuff. Arrived on time…Excellent service

  • Long Ngo

    How do we get a goggle review, so every people will see 1 star and avoid these people?

    • Ricky James Babineaux Jr

      I ordered$1,000 worth of meds do you think it is worth And how long did it take for it to arrive?

      • Lily

        did you get your meds from them or is it a scam?

  • Long Ngo

    I received the meds, but I don’t think the Med are authentic. It has little effects.

    • Lily

      How much money did you spend? and how long was shipping?


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