Rxoutreach Reviews – A Non-profit Mail Order Pharmacy Offering Limited Medications at Affordable Prices

Rxoutreach.org works as a non-profit company in St. Louis, Missouri. The company operates as a fully-licensed mail order pharmacy across the United States. Its mission is to provide limited and affordable medications for deserving and needy people who fulfill its eligibility criteria.

The website employs more than 70 professional employees who are well-trained to ship the medicines at home. It offers more than 670 prescription medicines at affordable prices to treat chronic diseases like Asthma, Dermatology, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Allergies, Cancer, Anxiety, etc. It claims that it has served more than 210,000 individuals who have saved over $320 million since 2010 by purchasing the medicines at low cost.

The patients are allowed to check their eligibility criteria on the website and to complete the enrollment process through online, by phone call or by paper application at free of cost. They are required to provide valid prescription and payment before each order. The payment can be made by check, money order or credit / debit card information.

The website lists medicines along with prices, and a cost-saving calculator is available on the website so that patients can compare the prices offered by Rx Outreach with retail prices. Orders are delivered within a week after approval of prescription by pharmacists with no standard shipment charges. An additional fee is applicable on fast or urgent delivery of medicines. The website accepts Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance plans. It has an arrangement to deliver medicines for 90 or 180 days at a time.

In addition to that, the website caters the needs of healthcare professionals through Rx Outreach Clinic Program. This program is designed and managed in three categories namely, Advocate Program, Direct Program and Preferred Program. The specific details of each category is available on the website. The website also features limited content on health related topics.

Rxoutreach.org Reviews

Two customer reviews are found over internet before 2016. A customer shared a bad experience when he ordered medicines from Rx Outreach. He received a phone call after two weeks that his prescription needed confirmation from a doctor. After the lapse of two more weeks, it came to know from the doctor that the company decided to provide ¼ of the prescription, but it charged a full price of $200 without his authorization.

Rxoutreach.org Reviews

Another customer looks dissatisfied and gave negative comments. He complained about the nonfulfillment of promise on the part of customer support team. He was not given a chance to speak to supervisors. He decided to contact regulatory authorities to lodge a formal complaint against the company. In the end, he switched to other retailer to get cheaper items without any inconvenience.

Rxoutreach.org Reviews1

All in all, only two reviews are available prior to 2015 and are below average.

Rxoutreach.org Reviews 2016

One review is found over internet in 2015 in which a customer made a complaint about ineffective user interface. He was in need of two prescriptions but the automatic answering machine didn’t support him. At last, he shouted for help up to 80 times which reflects his unsatisfactory impression on the company.

Rxoutreach.org Reviews 2016

According to alexa.com, the website is among top 495,000 most viewed websites in the world and has upward trend during the last 12 months in terms of monthly traffic, but its historical data is not available. Moreover, it is ranked among top 108,000 most viewed websites in the United States. It seems that it has limited popularity among users. The graphical display is given below:

Rxoutreach.org Reviews 20161

On the whole, its ranking is below satisfactory in the world and United States along with below par feedback.

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Being a non-profit company, the affordable prices are listed on the website. It charges nothing for enrollment or standard shipment. At present, it doesn’t offer any discounts and deals to its customers.


Rxoutreach is a US-based non-profit company offering home delivery of limited medicines of chronic diseases across the United States. It fulfills the needs of those needy individuals who fall under eligibility criteria. The number of employees is not good enough to handle requests from all over the country. It has hundreds of prescription medicines at affordable prices with no standard shipment charges. It also works for healthcare professionals through Clinic Program under three categories. Its enrollment and ordering process is easy. Online feedback is limited over internet and is below average. Its ranking in the world and United States is unsatisfactory. Its display and design is appealing to users. Above all, it is rated as 1 out of 5 stars rating.

RxStars Review - 1 out of 5 stars by
  • Ann MacLeod

    RxOutreach has been a lifesaver for me. I have been using them for 3 years, since I became disabled. My insurance does not cover one of my scripts so I get it from RxOutreach. The local pharmacies charge approximately $200 for a one month supply. RxOutreach charges $80 for a three month supply. The only issues I have had with the company are results from my doctor’s office not following the instructions for ordering. My script is a controlled substance and therefore requires special handling. I always follow up a few days after placing my order to make sure it is in process. I have had to call the doctor’s office a couple times. They make a call to RxOutreach, and the problem is solved.

    I have found that you have to be proactive with any company or provider that you deal with. The level of service/competence is not what it used to be. People are in such a hurry now days that I have even had them try to finish my sentence. That is a red flag that my order/request will be messed up. So I just expect it, and ask the person to repeat or clarify, and then I follow up. This helps me to avoid a lot of frustration.

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