Rx-euro.com Review – Mystery Online Pharmacy that has been Removed

Rx-Euro.com appeared to be an online pharmacy specializing in the sale on non-prescription erectile dysfunction. I used the word appeared lightly as there was no forthcoming information about its years of operation or its location. But it’s easy for the self-proclaimed detective to assume that they were located in the United Kingdom because their prices are quoted in Great Britain Pounds. Maybe the business operated solely online but who knows (as it is no longer hosted) and I am merely in a position to cast judgment.

Its main assortment as mentioned before was erectile dysfunction drugs. Amongst its bestsellers were Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Kamagra. Viagra costs £0.92 per pill, Cialis £1.19 per pill, Levitra £1.31 per pill and Kamagra £1.19 per sachet.

Their items were produced in India by manufacturers that are regulated by the FDA. They were confirmed by the certificate of analysis and the Indian Law System. From my understanding, there were two methods of payments: the Wire Method (I assume this refers to wire transfers) and payments by credit card (brands unnamed). They guaranteed security as they used an encrypted SSL payment portal. They only served European markets though and shipment was done via one of two methods. By Courier which cost €9.95 and took 5-6 days or International Airmail (which was standard) and cost €5.95 but took 7-8 days.

There appeared to be a live support link for rx-euro.com but it was not clickable (I tried several times and even refreshed the page). There were a number and email address that I could not see because the links were broken. However, they were somewhat redeemed because they have a form that you could fill out to send a direct email to them. As for refunds, you send back the product and your money was reimbursed.

Rx-euro.com Reviews

The reviews generated here were taken from rx-euro.com’s website.

Mark got his order in stated terms and claimed that significant results were delivered to him. In my opinion, this sounds sort of robotic and forced to me. Mike had similar robotic comments stating that “the terms of the shipping are amazing.” A bit too impersonal for my liking and DN thanked them for keeping their promises.

This is all well and good but I couldn’t help but wonder if the person creating these names got bored? Seriously, Mark and Mike were the most basic names anyone could ever generate and it did not help adding to this website’s credibility that exact replicas of these reviews the same names were found on similar websites that claimed to be pharmaceutical companies as well.

There was an option to share the page on social media but as you may be able to guess the link did not work. I would possibly believe that these reviews were true but usually, reviews on sites that are frequented have a date listed when that review was posted. These here had none.

Rx-euro.com Reviews 2016

When in doubt check scam adviser and legitscript. .

As you can see rx-euro.com was a rogue pharmacy and had a low trust rating. Honestly, I was not surprised because nothing much surprises me anymore as online scams are increasing daily

However what I can advise you to do it to always do a web search to check out a website’s reputation. Everything is available on the internet and well of course information about rx-euro.com has not been very available which is strange because ICT has connected the world in such a way that we are now, in essence, a global village.

Rx-euro.com Coupon Codes

The Pharmacy ran several promotions to save its customers some money. I noticed increasing discounts on every reorder.

For instance, the first reorder got you a 5% discount and the second got you a 7% discount so I could expect that most customers would have started to keep a tally and started buying immediately so that they could benefit from those 2% increments.

Spend €100 and you got 1 free sachet of Kamagra Oral Jelly, €200, 2 free sachets, €400 and you got four sachets plus you could track your courier shipping. I was also optimistic that persons spending €300 may have gotten something too, like 3 sachets of the oral jelly right? It’s only fair. Everybody loves a good deal so I imagine the European population was flocking to this website like vultures to a dead body, more so now that the economy is especially unpredictable and our disposable incomes are less.


In my opinion, I believe that rx-euro.com was one mysterious scam. I think if you are building a website that you would at least have built it properly. There were too many broken links and unresponsive pages. If you were to type “www.rx-euro.com” in your web browser and hope to get directly to the pharmacy’s site you will be disappointed. Instead there is this really boring URL web.archive.org that you have to use to get to the website because it has been removed and is no longer online.

Then you had to spend €400 before you could track your courier shipping. On some websites I can spend $1 and I still receive a tracking number; unbelievable, because I really thought that all courier packages were traceable.

On a scale of one to five, this website got a one. Low trust rating, labeled as rogue, and there were fake reviews and clone websites. Then I consider myself to be trendy so when I go to a website that looked plain and out of a Windows ’97 Operating System, there was no way that I would be convinced to enter my credit card information and I believed that you should feel the same.

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