Promptpillsstore Reviews: Not A Recommended Site

Overview is an online health store that has been in operation for many years providing nothing but the best products and medication to customers. This site provides safe and quality medication meant to offer treatment to all kinds of medical condition. All these products and drugs are available at competitive prices. There is something for everyone on this online store for it has done its best to provide a vast range of medication for all customers. This online pharmacy has professional and licensed doctors who do their best to offer the best medical advice to clients. Purchasing medication on this site is so easy that you do not need to be guided as you find the right medication on this web page. If you want to experience fast and reliable shipment, give this site a try today. You will receive effective medication for that condition that has been pestering you.

Customer Review

One anonymous customer says that he read about this site over the internet and decided to order his medication. He says he was a bit skeptical at first but still he decided to go ahead and try it out. He was motivated by the next-delivery service that is why he ordered to verify if it was true or not. He ordered for erectile dysfunctional medication a condition which has been affecting him for a number of years. This was the turning point of his life.After taking this medication the effects were immediate. He has never felt so alive before. His sexual performance has greatly improved something which has shocked even his wife. He had struggled for a long time to keep his marriage intact but now all he needs to do is stay back and relax because everything was back to normal.

However, there are some discoveries that have been made concerning this online pharmacy that are disheartening. There are some clients who have had a bad experience shopping for medication on this site. Some of these clients realized that the drugs they have been provided with may not be safe because of their poor quality. The reputation of this online pharmacy has been tainted hence customers are advised not to make any dealings with it at all costs. Anyone who ends up purchasing any drug from this site should do so knowing that they are not of good quality as the site claims. This site has been blacklisted because of the danger it may cause to lives of customers.


This site has received many negative reviews as compared to positive ones which mean that its reputation should be verified. A company that does not meet laid down internet pharmacy standards should not be allowed to operate. This is because drugs prescribed can cause fatal harm to customers. This site should be blacklisted and banned immediately. Customers are therefore forewarned to stay away from this site for they risk losing not only their money butalso their healthwhich can be affected tremendously. It is recommended that customers take their time before making a purchasing decision while still thinking about their health. This site receives a score of 2 out of 5.

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