Kiwidrug Reviews: A Fraudulent Online Pharmacy Review

Overview is an international recognized online drug store that provides some of the most used medication and products in the health sector today. This site has the most efficient professional team from customer care to qualified doctors. This online pharmacy contains a successful chain of online drug stores some in Canada, India, and Australia while others are in New Zealand, USA and the United Kingdom. This accredited online pharmacy has over the years provided effective medication that works on a patient’s condition with minimal side effects as possible. By clicking on the search box icon on this site’s web page, you can look for any kind of medicine that you need. This internet drug store provides a vast range of medication meant to relief pain, to work on allergies and other conditions. This site has a motto which clearly says that ‘Your health-our responsibility. This has been acting as insurance to the many customers who frequent this site.

Customer Review

It has been noted that this site might not be as loyal as it seems for a number of customers had a bad report to present.

One client ordered for medication which arrived promptly. However, the drugs in the package were not of good quality. The shape and the physical aspect of the drugs were questionable and this made him not to trust is. He made comparisons with some of the pills that he had left and he proved that for sure it was not the same medication he had been used to. For one,he felt that his health had been put in danger by this online pharmacy and after contacting the customer care desk he still did not receive any assistance.Since that time he vowed never to have dealings with this site again.
Customers have been warned not to order medication from this site after discovered that this site might not be legitimate after all. It urged customers not to rush when making a purchasing decision for they may end up losing somuch.According to Scamadviser this site has received the lowest score ever thus conducting business with it can be very risky. Customers have been advised to keep off this site and not to reveal any of their personal information especially about money because it can lead to credit card fraud.LegitScript reviewed this internet pharmacy and it was verified that it operated without the required internet pharmacy standards. All the information provided show that this is a site to avoid completely.


This site seems popular among a lot of online users but its reputation has been truly questionable. The reviews about it not being legitimate make it an untrustworthy site that customers should not even contemplate conducting business with. All these reviews can make customers lack faith in everything that the site is offering no matter how good this site claims to be. It is quite unprofessional for this site to provide unreliable information about it which has been leading customers astray. This site should therefore be banned until that time it meets all the required health standards. It receives a rating of 2 out of 5.

RxStars Review - 2 out of 5 stars by
  • Working Man

    Kiwi Drug is anything but fraudulent. Richard, I think you’re working off of bad or inaccurate information. I am a regular customer who lives in the United States. When I order anything online — anything from anywhere — I demand the best service. The fact that I continually shop with Kiwi Drug should put your concerns to rest. I’d like to add also that the speed at which I receive my items, 6-7 days in most cases, is quite phenomenal considering the overseas distance and that I’m getting free shipping. It would be fair if you’d revisit reviews of Kiwi Drug.

  • Asad Rawa

    Untrustworthy!!Unprofessional !!! unreliable !!!This company is by far the worst I have ever in countered, not only did my order I placed come in late!! They didn’t even give me the full amount I ordered, to top that off they didn’t return my money. Absolutely horrible customer service would never recommend this site to anyone.
    My advice would be to go to another website anything is better them.

  • Skh5150

    There is another pharmacy with “Kiwi” in the title that you may have Kiwidrug mixed up with. I have been ordering from Kiwidrug for years, and have never had a problem. Products arrive to me here in the U.S., usually in five days, once in four days, which was phenomenal. Never once have I received a package in bad condition or bad quality products. I wouldn’t shop anywhere else online. So I’m really puzzled by this accusation of “fraud.”

  • Becca

    I placed an order yesterday and my product shipped out today! Less then 24 hours and they sent me a tracking number as well. All these bad reviews must be competitors. I haven’t even revived my order yet and I am beyond happy I decided to order from them. They answered my emails VERY fast and professionally. Don’t get me wrong I was skeptical but I was desperate need for this medication and I’m glad I chose them. So far so good!!!!

  • Lola

    I have ordered once from Kiwi Drug and was quite pleased. I received my order quickly, and it was accurate. I would certainly order from them again.

  • Michelle

    Where is the source for your claim of dissatisfied customers?
    I wonder if you have any sources of bias that you should declare?

    • mike

      I havent received my order for a mounth now . And i am a actual coustomer.

    • Liz Lemon

      I am also very curious as to who these horrible reviews and accusations of fraud and scamming are coming from. It’s so easy to make these kinds of accusations, especially if you’re, say, a competitor and looking to get rid of other sites/providers. I’ve been using kiwidrug, I think formerly called express meds, since 2008 and have relied on them very heavily for asthma meds for my extremely seriously asthmatic cat. This cat was my child – the meds kept him alive much longer than cats with far milder asthma. I suppose in all fairness I should point out that I deal directly with The Man (owner or higher level manager, I suspect), rather than using the automated, impersonal website, because I wanted a human involved in keeping my cat alive. (Having a terrible migraine at the moment, hope I’m not talking in circles.)

  • Mark

    No problems with KiwiDrug so far and have ordered (and received) twice.

    I’ve seen negative reviews too but wonder about bias in the reviewers. Because these types of pharmacies use generics usually from India they effectively bypass the high-price brand-name suppliers. This must provide a big incentive for the brand name suppliers to ‘encourage’ negative reviews. Of course there are scam pharmacies out there too though again you wonder whether the stories are exaggerated by the brand-name suppliers to discourage us from buying low cost, generic pharmaceuticals.

    With regard to KiwiDrug specifically, language from the site owners strongly suggest that that whoever runs it is well educated – not the usual low-brow scam artist you might expect on a scam site – and its persistence suggests that a majority of customers are sufficiently satisfied to keep the site running.

    I was (and still am) very nervous about the requirement to use non-stoppable fund transfers such as wire and electronic cheques. Unlike a credit card there’s no come back with these. If the goods don’t arrive you cannot get your money back. But maybe that’s the point. Customers can scam too – say, phone up the credit card company and say “My goods didn’t arrive.” (when in fact they did) “Please stop payment.” and perhaps I’m paranoid but I wouldn’t be surprised if the brand owners might not ‘encourage’ people to do this. I work in big industry and see this sort of thing done.

    Finally, there is the question of the pharmaceuticals being stopped at national boundaries. Personal import of drugs is often a grey area legally. The supplier may well have acted in good faith but the goods don’t arrive because they were confiscated by customs. Always a risk.

    My advice would be to use KiwiDrugs but keep order values relatively low and perhaps be wary of buying things that are absolutely critical to staying alive – just in case. Even if the occasional order does fail to arrive you will probably still be better off financially than you would be if going through the local healthcare system.

  • Happy in the D

    I have never had a bad experience with kiwi drug, they are patient and attentive always. They respond to emails almost immediately and the medication is exactly what they claim it to be! this is NOT a fraudulent website or pharmacy they operate with integrity. I have called on them many times and will continue to do so. they do not send bad products they do not misrepresent their products they are exactly what they say they send exactly what you order. while you found one dissatisfied customer there are thousands that are happy with them like me. your conclusions are wrong, flat out wrong! I am happy to remind folks of that any time this site is read and your incorrect conclusions are seen. “you say one client” parcel post may damage your package that is not kiwi’s fault! one client huh? 1, uno, edan?, basing this on one client is ridiculous. as far as loyalty they do not hesitate to correct an error or help you along if you mess up. seems you already have some attitude towards them I do not believe your conclusion.

  • mike

    I ordered a month ago . Tracking number wasnt good . Now no contact with site so now i guss lesson learned rip off .

  • DD

    I don’t understand this company nor the good reviews as my experience has been terrible. I ordered and was charged the same day on my credit card. 7 days later when checking on my orders daily, it continued to say “physician review”. I would email and Never got a clear answer from anyone at their company as to why or what was taking so long.
    Meantime they charged my card and their answer to that, is they have to charge you BEFORE the physician reviews your order?? But in a week No one reviewed my order, they knew I was temporarily in the address that I had ordered the items to be delivered. I was leaving the country and needing to get them prior to departure. Totally Wasted an entire week when I could have been buying them elsewhere and had them delivered prior to leaving. Now its too late. Never got a person to answer WHY or what the issues were. had to demand 3x to get my credit card refunded and finally had to threaten to call my card company and say they were a Fraudulent company and fraud charges. then ASAP I got my refund and Never did they try to fill my order. Bizarre company go elsewhere!

  • DD

    terrible company don’t understand the good reviews. Never filled my order, charged my card day of order.
    week went by with No answer from customer service and finally demanded cancellation.
    Terrible customer service, NO customer service. would never buy from them and wished I had read reviews before

    • Ava

      I think the good reviews were done in house. Look at the writing flow. It’s one person posting all of the good reviews.

  • ADM

    I ordered from them once and received a legitimate product, but my second order was counterfeit product. I refuse to take it for fear of what it might be. No imprint code and the color is completely wrong. Plus horribly unprofessional service after I reported it.

    • Ava

      Did you report them to the FDA or internet crimes division? I would do both.

  • Mark

    I have ordered from Kiwi on several occasions and have never had a problem. Payments are processed accurately, shipping is reliable and the products are good.

  • Scott

    I’ve never had any problem with them and have used them for about 5 years.

  • wmb

    I don’t understand the negative reviews at all. I ordered some Gabapentin. I was kind of concerned about “echeck” but apparently it has something to do with Paypal. Anyway, its only been 4 or 5 days, a week at most and my order arrived. No problem.


    I ordered two products over a month ago. Money taken out of bank account day of order. I have been told 3 times my order was shipped – tracking numbers never any good. I have demanded a refund or I am going to initiate fraud investigation through my bank. Now they are not answering my e-mails. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!! THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!

  • Jopoppa

    I have had recently horrible experiences with kiwi after years of solid service. Their pricing has skyrocketed and it’s absurd. I also question the legitimacy of their generic brands. Hers an example of one popular medication:
    Kiwi 4 tablets 100MG Generic for $66 and receive in 14-25 days, shipping NOT included.
    New vendor here in the States: 90 tablets OEM not generic fo $150 arrives in 2-3 days no shipping charge.
    To get that amount from Kiwi it would cost you over $1,000 and they’re even selling generic! That’s almost criminal, it’s so absurd!

    Also be wary of the websites that provide pharmacy reviews, when a company has FOURTEEN pages of 5 Star ratings that’s very suspicious. Really, I don’t care how awesome a company might be, those odds of customers being blown away pleased are beyond unreal.

  • IAm ThatStrange

    It just got a prescription from Kiwi Drugs. They were totally wonderful to work with

    I think that these negative reviews (i.e. that Kiwi is scamming) articles is really the USA scamming. They want us to pay tons for prescriptions so they can become billionaires.


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