Clovate 0.5 mg/g Reviews: Unpopular Drug for Severe Skin Complaints

Clovate 0.5 mg/g

Clovate (10, 30, or 50 gm) is a medication used to treat skin complaints like lichen sclerosis, psoriasis, discoid lupus erythematosus and eczema. This type of corticosteroid is effective at reducing redness and inflammation caused by certain chemicals in the body. It is manufactured by Dermocare Laboratories (Guj) Pvt. Ltd.

The active ingredient of Clobetasol is prescribed for short-term treatment and treats the more severe cases of skin disorders. This is a topical medication and used externally only. It shouldn’t be applied to the skin of those under 18-years-old. Make sure to carefully apply the cream and avoid contact with the nose, mouth, and eyes.

Clobetasol is able to function by working inside the cell walls to help slow the movement of certain inflammatory substances. By decreasing the release of these substances it is possible to prevent the unfortunate episodes of itching, redness, or swelling.

The active ingredient (Clobetasol) in Clovate is quite potent and should only be applied to the more serious skin complaints, such as psoriasis and eczema, which aren’t likely to respond to the low-strength medications.

The use of Clovate is limited to four week treatment periods. However, this time-frame is further shortened to five days if applying to a child’s skin or to the face. If signs of improvement aren’t noticed within a period of four weeks, make sure to discuss the matter with your doctor.

Clovate Reviews

We were unable to find reliable reviews or feedback from customers on the internet. Because of this lack of information, it might be more practical to look at close alternative medications that include the same active ingredient of Clobetasol. Even though it is possible to determine that Clovate includes the active substance of Clobetasol, there is nothing to say the remaining ingredients are entirely safe and acceptable to use. It is possible to confirm that Clobetasol is a satisfactory treatment option for skin conditions, but the overall effectiveness of the Clovate branded product from Dermocare Laboratories (Guj) Pvt Ltd is difficult to confirm. Limit the use of this medication to those occasions when prescribed by the doctor. When it comes to identifying the qualities of a particular type of drug, make sure to carefully research the specific brand and manufacturer.

Pricing and Dosages

Apply the cream as advised by your doctor. A typical dosage is applying Clovate twice daily (morning and evening) to the affected areas of the body. The pricing of this medication is in the region of Rs28.00 for a single 10 mg tube.

How to Buy Clovate Online

The Clovate medication is easily sourced using the web-based pharmacies that offer attractive deals and free shipping.

How to Use Clovate

Clovate is a topical ointment or cream and is applied externally to the affected skin areas. Make sure to wash the hands before and after using this treatment. Apply in a thin layer and gently rub until it is absorbed into the skin. The use of Clovate should be reduced if the skin complaint starts to improve.

Clovate Side Effects

Common side effects related to this topical treatment include gastralgia, skin rash, sedation, dry mouth, constipation, nausea, fatigue, and headache. Call the doctor for the more severe or persistent effects.


Clovate (Clobetasol) could well be a highly reliable and effective option for those wishing to treat the more serious skin complaints. Patients should be more cautious when there is a past history of allergies, recent vaccinations, scrapes, skin infection, or during pregnancy. Overall, the use of Clovate can only be given the desired mark of approval if relevant reviews from real users were available to read. Therefore, with no online reviews to refer to, we would only be able to rate Clovate with a mark of 1 out of 5 (5 is highest).

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