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Verified & Recommended by is working to provide quality medicines around the world. Its main focus is to facilitate the people with low medicines so that majority of them can cure their diseases. All the generic drugs are available on the online store and you can buy them by giving some personal information online. Good quality medicines are main motto of the company and every customer is valued at Everyone gets free shipping on all the orders above $200. Customer service is available for 24 hours and you can ask your queries anytime. Shipping is impeccable and your package reaches to you in shortest possible time. Video Review Reviews

Customers are very happy with the performance of it and there are rarely any negative reviews available. People have nothing negative to say about it and most of them love the way, it’s working in the market. One of them said that he got his product within 5 days and had no problem with it at all. Shipping was quick and prices are very low as compared to local pharmacies.

There was another happy client who said that all their services are awesome. Prices are low as they have mentioned on their website and he got his order within one week. He is much impressed by the way they deal with their customers. This is something that rarely happens on such online stores. He has recommended it to all his friends and would recommend it to you as well.

There was still another customer who said that their customer service is out of this world. He was buying online medicines first time and they really helped him to go through the whole process. He is very happy and will definitely come here again to buy some more medicines.

A survey on internet says that it’s the most secure site among the various online stores working in the market right now. You can easily put your personal data in their database and they will never put you at steak. One client said that the best thing about is that they provide free pills with every order. He added that I am working with it for 2 years and never ever faced a single problem. Instead of wondering here and there, you should visit this site to save your precious time and money. Trust me – it will save lot of your time. Reviews 2015

Just like previous years, the online pharmacy received mostly positive reviews in year 2015. On one popular pharmacy review forum, when asked about the services of the website, many customers praised their services and reported positive experience.

According to one customer, camphell who reviewed the website on 18 of April, 2015, the buying experience from Canada Pharmacy 24h was excellent for him. According to him, he bought medicines from the store two months ago and praised their quick shipping. He claimed that there is nothing to complaint about but said he couldn’t find reviews about the website prior to his Reviews 2015

Other reviews in 2015 are not available but the website enjoys high trust rating from scam alert websites and other third party sources. Based on the feedback this year, it is evident that the online store is offering high rate services and products to the customers which makes it a recommended online store for buying cheap generic and brand name drugs.


As clearly shown from the user’s reviews, it’s the no.1 site currently in the market. You can order from it without any fear of losing your information. Prices are very low and you get free pills as well on each order. Shipping is quick and your package normally reaches to you within a week. Quality of the medicines is at top and there is no other place where you can find pills better than this. Customer service is exceptional due to which I would give it 5 out of five stars. If you are in search of a so called perfect online medicine store, you should go for it without any second doubt.

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RxStars Review - 5 out of 5 stars by
  • Ahab

    If this site is so great and trust-worthy, why does my anti-virus and firefox block me from going here?

    • Robert Greene

      It may have been contaminated, by some outside source, with some malicious code.

      I had no problems tonight looking at this site

  • George Marcum

    Placed order, money was taken but still have not received any e-mails to confirm my order. That was on 7-18-14. not sure about this site.

    • Richard Berezewski

      Hello George,

      In the future should you have any concerns with your order, please call the Customer Care Specialists:
      (US) +1-760-284-3222.

      After calling the customer care specialists myself, I found that your order is already in the sorting center in New York. Here is the link for tracking –

      Best regards,


      • Noah

        Hey, Richard. It’s two years later than this example by George in 2014 and I’m having the same exact issue. I ordered my product a little while back and have yet to receive any sort of confirmation e-mail from this company. I’ve also tried e-mailing them and contacting them to no avail.

        Are you sure they’re reliable or should i ask my bank for a refund?

        • RichardBerezewski

          Hello Noah,

          In the future should you have any concerns with your order, please call the Customer Care Specialists:

          (US) +1-760-284-3222

          (EU) +4420-3286-3820

          If you write me your tracking number I will try to find out where a order.

          Best regards,


      • Abe

        Hi Richard,

        What is your feeling about any OnLine RX that does not require a doctor prescription?

        Do you think they are less, or just as, trustworthy as those that “require” a prescription?


        • Jack Anderson

          call for details 1-781-780-7462

  • George

    Thanks Richard. I’ve tryed to contact them through customer care and emails and no response. But thanks again. I will give thanks to them when product is received.

  • George

    Received my product and its good. thanks canadapharmacy24h and thanks Richard.

  • Lau

    Hi, I followed the recommendation and ordered some drugs from this company. Soon I received the tracking number
    of my goods. But the EMS tracking number indicates that it is being shipped to India whereas my address given is Singapore.
    Can you explain or help on this matter? .

  • bhimashi antargatti

    I wanted clovate 0.5mg/g cream
    please give order address

    • Jack Anderson

      order at 1-781-780-7462

  • Joseph S. Moore

    I cannot believe I got 3 days use out of half a pill of Generic Viagra 100. That’s right, I am 41, in good health, Effective Once in the morning, once at night, skipped one day, I could not believe I woke up hard AGAIN. Bye bye expensive Viagra

    • Jack Anderson

      You can try Viagra low dosage 50 mg or 25 mg
      Call to order 1-781-780-7462

  • Barbara Wilson

    The first time I used this website I waited over 7 days for my order and it had not arrived. I rang up and they accepted full responsibility, apologised profusely and got my order out to me after next 7 days. I’ve been ordering for around 12 months now.

    • Jack Anderson

      Discounts offers on 1-781-780-7462

  • Bob

    not bad. good prices and I got my order fast

    • Jack Anderson

      Best price call for orders 1-781-780-7462

  • Ryan W

    Found the product I was looking for, for a cheaper price than I pay in stores. Processing time was longer than I was expecting but overall I’m happy with my savings

    • Jack Anderson

      1-781-780-7462 Call to order meds

  • Kevin

    Hello, I placed an order on 12/29/2016. I got an approved status email the day of my order with a an order number. I was expecting 2 to 3 weeks, as of today it has been 28 days. I am in california usa. Sent emails from the site directly and also called the 760 number and left a message, no one picks up, no one has gotten back to me. I am begining to be very frustrated over this.

    • Kevin

      Just an ammendment to the above post.. I have been contacted by customer service and the order is being resent. I am confident of the order and the service is legit. You may just have to wait for a response if you have an issue. They will respond and make it right! Thank you!

      • Jack Anderson

        1-781-780-7462 Call to order

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