Briovarx Reviews – Specialty Pharmacy in U.S. for Chronic and Rare Diseases is a part of OptumRx group which is a leading healthcare company serving more than 65 million Americans. The website is a US-based website serving the needs of patients who are suffering from chronic and rare health conditions. It started its operations 15 years ago with an objective to provide best pharmacy services across the United States.

The website runs a specialty pharmacy for chronic and complex health conditions under the management and supervision of well-trained clinical experts. It features various medicines of Cancer, Hepatitis C, Organ Transplant, Allergic Asthma and other complex health conditions. These medicines require special handling due to complexity and sensitivity of health conditions.

In addition to that, the website also offers limited healthcare services like individualized patient care plan, education about medicines, injection teaching and emergency support. Its services are available in 12 states of U.S. where trained staff members can be contacted for guidance through phone calls.

Patients are allowed to order their prescription medicines through phone call or online request. Orders are packaged carefully and are shipped at doorstep or preferred location without delay. There is no shipping and handling cost.

The modes of payment are check-by-phone, money orders and major credit cards including MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express. The pharmacists and nurses are available round the clock over phone to address the emergency needs.

The website is also a resource of knowledge center for users enabling them to get better understanding of prevention and treatment. The reading material of each health conditions is freely available on the website covering basic details like background, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, side effects, etc. In order to provide easiness to patients, a list of generic name of specialty drugs is available in alphabetical order, but the prices are not mentioned. Reviews

Customer reviews and online feedback are hardly found about the website. The website provides a platform for home delivery of prescription medicines under the supervision of licensed doctors, but still no feedback is available over internet. Reviews is BBB accredited since 2015 and got A+ rating which is the highest on a scale of A+ to F. As per BBB website, 01 complaint has been resolved with BBB in last 3 years, whereas no complaint has been resolved in last 12 months.

All in all, online feedback is not available prior to 2015, and it seems that the website didn’t manage to get good popularity in the healthcare industry in spite of its presence for more than 15 years. Reviews 2015

Online feedback is not available in 2015 as well. Its viewership may be determined through ranking websites. According to, the website shows upward trend in global ranking in the year 2015 in terms of monthly traffic, but its historical data is not available. It is obvious that its global ranking is below satisfactory as it is ranked among the top 1.130 million most visited websites. Reviews 2015

Since the website works in United States only, therefore it is among the top 200,000 most visited websites in the country. The graphical display is given below:

Above all, customer reviews are not found in 2015 as well. Its ranking in the world and in the United States are below par along with the fact that its global ranking has upward trend in 2015. Coupon Codes

At present, the website doesn’t offer any discounts and coupon codes to its customers. The registration and accessible to the website is free by just signing up an account, which may be considered as one of the best incentives of all time. Other than that, the shipment is freely available across the United States.


The website acts as a specialty pharmacy offering great range of prescription medicines of chronic health conditions through online store or phone call. It also focuses to provide personalized care plan along with education related to complex diseases over phone. A team of trained staff members has been employed to respond the queries of patients. Its user interface is friendly, and its display is eye-catching. Customer reviews are not found over internet. Its worldwide ranking is below average, but has upward trend in 2015. Most of its traffic comes from United States, and its ranking is also below satisfactory in the United States. On the whole, it is rated as 1.5 out of 5 stars rating.

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  • only126db

    I want to know how Briova RX can have a high rating? This is the worst pharmacy I have ever dealt with, I am stuck using them because of our insurance. I would never ever ever ever ever deal with these people if I could help it. After almost 2yrs of getting the same medication from them, which is a fight every time because of their ignorance, I have been on the phone for a half hour now since they say they dont carry the medication….WTF? The person says “who told you to call Briova?” Are you kidding me? Seriously? My prescription bottle and the fact that we have been getting it from you for almost 2 yrs!!!! IDIOTS !!!!!!!!!!


      I just started with Briova since they bought out OptumRx and I am also not happy with their services. OptumRx was never easy and over the years I have experienced the same issues as reviewer “only126db” describes that they have had with Briova. But, for the love of God, Briova is even worse than OptumRx!! I was kept on hold over 40-minutes to refill a Rx I have been taking for over 2-years!

      Briovia is a serious hot mess! They are highly disorganized, the representatives are polite but, clearly they are poorly trained by the company and do not seem to have good resources available to them to assist their customers. I would NEVER use this company if I had a choice. I am forced to use it because of my employers insurance. I do not understand how this company’s reviews are A+??!! Unless of course if there has been only one reviewer who is perhaps the CEO of Briova!!

      • only126db

        I finally got my sons script filled, 5 calls and over an hour & a half later….Finally spoke with a manager named Andrea who had to call back a half hour later….My son takes a medicine which has multiple names but even though I used the name on the prescription bottle from them they couldnt figure out what it was, it’s the only one I have with Briova….How can they mess that up, we only have the one with them….Clueless, going to call my provider and explain the situation and see if I can get things changed….

        Good luck Patricia Murphy


    I just started with Briova since they bought out OptumRx I am not happy with their services. OptumRx was never easy and over the years I have experienced horrendous customer service but, for the love of God, Briova is even worse than OptumRx!! I was kept on hold over 40-minutes to refill a Rx I have been taking for over 2-years!

    Briovia is a serious hot mess! They are highly disorganized, the representatives are polite but, clearly they are poorly trained by the company and do not seem to have good resources available to them to assist their customers. I would NEVER use this company if I had a choice. I am forced to use it because of my employers insurance. I do not understand how this company’s reviews are A+??!! Unless of course if there has been only one reviewer who is perhaps the CEO of Briova!! For all of us that are forced to use this company I recommend we all start taking the survey’s they offer when you call in for a Rx and write reviews like this one………….it will be our only hope for improvements. I rate this company at F-…………THEY ARE AN EPIC FAIL!

  • Debbie Barton

    No stars!

    Optum used to be good and I had no problems. They went downhill, but I could still get my meds. This switch to briova has been a complete and total disaster! First they charge two of my meds on the wrong credit cards (I use two different cards for my medst). It took a month to straighten that mess out by calling every single day. I am very ill and I know no one really cares. I am just miserable anytime I have to order rx. It should not take half to place an order. I am in a foul mood and the rest of my day is shot to hell. After all that my order is placed wrong. Also no one calls to tell me that i need a pre authentication and I wait forever needing my meds as now I am out. The departments do not communicate at all either! Everyone tells you something different and they are all wrong. THE BRIOVA BS IS PUTTING ME INTO AN EARLY GRAVE. I dont have the stamina to deal with nothing but ineptness. I hate Briova and I never say that. Briova and Optum take 20 times to log into also. Briova is useless. The website is totally useless too! My doctor office now says they sent my Rx over THREE TIMES and the idiots at Briova say they can’t fill my Rx cause they never got a Rx. These are meds that KEEP ME ALIVE! I don’t have the means to deal with this!!!! I NEED MY FREAKING MEDICINE!


    I feel sorry for the workers that obviously have no training or knowledge. Nice employees but “management” has no clue.

    We are very sick people to begin with and to go through this baloney every month to get my 2 “specialty” meds is a total disaster. You place orders for LIFE SAVING medications and get NOTHING then have to spend 2 hours to explain the whole mess every time. I am too sick for this and need “specialty” treatment not losing even more years off of my life for this inept garbage.

    Briova is terrible all the way around, but I am stuck with them. I HATE BRIOVA! I never say that either.

  • John Familiare

    . OptumRx was good but these people are the worst life sustaining meds delayed nine day, they cant figure out how to get i touch wit my secondary insurance so they just bill me, after they assured me i would not be billed then today in the mail i get the bill. and the people that work for them are so thick , just repeating from the script. first chance i get i am leaving.

  • Vera Rudenko

    It has been more that month since I try to get my knee injection approval. They lost fax from my doctor 3 times!!!!!! I am calling them 2-3 times per week and still I have not have any result. I will never use the insurance which is working with this pharmacy

  • Melissa Gold

    I work for a very large practice here in Tampa Florida. I never had any problems with Optum RX and when they switched i had huge amount of problems. From them not processing information i have had proof i sent, to giving me wrong information causing a huge delay in getting my patient’s medication here on time. That’s just the start half the people who answer are RUDE, they hate their jobs ( I cant only assume) and going “higher up” in the chain doesn’t help. I have to provide the same information at least twice before it goes anywhere to get done. Some reps will answer you and tell you all you need is this, then you call back on the day they said they have no idea what it is you’re talking about and they have none of the information. This practice is not only unorganized to the fullest it is also unprofessional. I order about 50 patients Botox each month give or take and I would say almost half of my patients have either BCBS or UHC. I am determined to talk to the 7 neurologist i work for and try to convince them to not take any more UHC patients because this pharmacy is unbelievably unorganized.

  • Upset Wife of Patient

    The sister company of Optum RX – trying to get transplant medication filled – that started with Optum RX (same owners). Briovarx says they [Optum RX] didn’t send all of the records and can’t fill medication. Must start over with a Coordination of Benefits – 4 phone calls, 9 hours in total on phone, no prescriptions. 2 days of medication left – and I am advised that a supervisor will call within 48 hours – a person cannot live without anti-rejection medication for 48 hours. I ask if someone else can call me back – the response was “every time I check in with you – you get placed in the back of the line.” I was given the Optum RX number to call direct. When I call Optum RX they give me Briovara – No medication. Isn’t anyone watching these people? Hence, sitting on phone all day – again – no medication. I am at working and doing this for my disabled husband. This is an absolute disgrace.

  • Upset Wife of Patient

    I now have Optum RX on hold on my cell and Briovarx on hold on my work phone. This is insane to have to go through this to get anti-rejection medication.

  • Craig

    Briova absolutely sucks. I have had serious health issues my entire lifetime (I am nearly 60 years old), and I have never experienced a company with such poor service and shoddy workmanship in the medical industry. I realize they are undergoing a merger with OptumRX, but this is no excuse. I had to make DAILY calls of 1-2 hours for nearly five weeks to get the first delivery of my medication made to the doctor’s office. Thirty days later, my doctor’s office is expecting a renewal. Her head nurse spends 6 hours on hold and being transferred around, then they call me. I spend over an hour on hold only to have the line dropped. I call back again, and another 30 minutes into it they tell me they are awaiting approval from my health plan. This despite the fact they have the authorization letter in their files. Since I was granted prior authorization for the medicine, Briova has filled a one month supply exactly one time. The prior authorization expires in 60 days, and I’m going to have to go through this all again.

    This company absolutely sucks. Don’t use them if you have ANY alternative.

  • PK

    Briova is hands-down the worst company I have ever had to engage with. Every person you speak with is completely uninformed and lacks basic communication skills. Every conversation is starting from scratch – there is no continuity and no responsibility taken. There seems to be an underlying strategy of delay and lack of delivery. I’ve simply never seen anything like it. When a doctor orders a prescription – it is because a patient NEEDS that prescription. I pay $947 a month for health insurance for ONE person and this company can’t deliver a prescription to me in a timely manner. So an important maintenance drug – that I am supposed to take EVERY DAY – is not on the table because THEY CAN’T DELIVER IT AS ORDERED. It’s an absolute nightmare.

  • Jessica

    I have had the worst experience with Briova. I had never had any issues with OptumRX. I just got off of an extremely long call with Briova. My medication was supposed to arrive at my home yesterday. I now have one dose left and they can’t find the order that was placed last week! I have to reorder through them because of my insurance. The first representative that I spoke with had a horrible connection. We went over my shipping address and credit card (both should have been on file) multiple times. After 20 minutes I asked to be transferred to a different representative. My address and credit card that I had been giving the first representative was incorrect still! Thankfully, the second rep that I spoke to was efficient and I feel slightly more confident that my medication will show up tomorrow. Yes, she rushed it for free for me.

    All of this is after weeks of trying to order the medication in the first place. My dosage changed during the transition from OptumRX to Briova, which created a huge mess to begin with. Briova refused to order the prescription from my Dr, I had to call and get my Dr to send a new script over. This would have not been a huge deal if it didn’t take over a week for everything to get into Briova’s system and then they loose my shipping request. Such a mess!!! My insurance will only allow me to fill my script twice for 15 day supply without going through mail order. I have used both of these and now am without an option, but to use a company that is horrible!!!

  • Sophie

    NIGHTMARE!! Briova is nothing but a source of extreme frustration. I am forced to fill two speciality prescriptions with them. This week I called Briova 6 times for over 2 hours and never managed to fill either prescription. I asked to speak to a manager. The rep told me it would be a long wait since it’s their busy season. Really, there’s a “busy season” in specialty pharmaceuticals?!?! I am fed up with entering my birthdate and zip code only to have repeat them at least twice to a rep. I have never refilled a prescription in less than 20 minutes. My treatment cycle has been changed three times due to briova issues. I have been reprimanded by reps telling me I should call in sooner to refill. I can’t refill until my doctor tells me to following blood word. The arrogance and stupidity you encounter from their employees is offensive. I have ended up in tears trying to refill my prescriptions. There is no reason for this. Briova is the worst!

  • Pete

    BriovaRx has been a nightmare to deal with. Nobody that finally answers the phone has any training and has no knowledge about co-pays or insurance they have cost me thousands of $$$!

  • Bob

    By far the worst pharmacy I’ve ever dealt with. Waiting over a month now to fill a specialty prescription and every time I hurdle an obstacle they give me or my doctors office another one to jump over. It shouldn’t take 3 weeks to realize we need a prior authorization from the insurance company! The employees are extremely rude over the phone, my latest example just happened when at the end of the phone call I asked the representative “was this just another waste of time for me then?” And she replied “yes”. Don’t even consider using this company

  • P J Bosler

    Monday Apr 24 2017 I called Briova to refill my husbands’ 90 day supply of his specialty transplant medication. He is 76 years old, hard of hearing, and not able to call himself. Prior to the 2016 merger, Optum RX was the provider. My husband has been taking the same medication since 2006. Briova has a system problem in dispensing a 90 day supply. I am constantly referred to the escalation department. In turn, Briova escalation transfers me to Optum RX to require a new PA (Prior Authorization). Optum RX sends the new PA request via fax to my husbands’ physician. Once the new PA is faxed back to Optum, a CRM is issued by either Optum or Briova to UHC for approval. The process takes over 72 hours. I received confirmation on Thurs Apr 27, 2017 and delivery of the medication on Friday Apr 28th. The prescription was dispensed by Optum not Briova, to my surprise. It is unacceptable that every ninety days a new PA is required. PA for medication, according to Medicare guidelines, is valid for the calendar year. We already had a PA for 2017 on file with Optum. No one at Briova or Optum has resolved this problem. The first time it occurred was in September 2016 then again in December of 2016 and now in April of 2017. This time I kept names, dates, time and discussion notes on every advocate I talked to. Believe it or not, I talked to one advocate on the 24th, six advocates on the 26th and seven advocates on the 27th. I was disconnected four times and put on hold for over three hours. Every time you are transferred or disconnected, you start all over. They do not have a reference/tracking number to help. Just the note screen, which is extremely difficult for the advocate’s to read. I hope this information is useful in understanding why it is necessary to allow extra time when ordering a refill from Briova/Optum. I can hardly wait to try this again in July.

  • Diane Talamantes

    If I didn’t have to use Briova for my anti rejection medications, I’d find another pharmacy. Iv expierenced the worst customer service. In the begging, I’d be on hold for 45 minutes to an hour. The operators try to help you but they really don’t know much. Iv had trouble with billing, they charge the wrong card or they charge the wrong amount. Then your expected to pay the outstanding balance before they send you your meds. Now, I understand you need to pay them, but shit, why don’t they notify customers of their mistake. Dont wait till your bill is almost $400. Now I’m in the position to pay but what about people who don’t have the sources to pay because of their mistake. I hate Briova!


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