24x7-pharmacy.com Review

24×7-pharmacy reviews: Stay Away, the Site is Nothing but Scam

24×7-pharmacy is another online website that claims to sell cutting-edge medicine to their customers. They specialized inproviding medicines that are often called “embarrassment” drugs due to privacy issues. The websites look good when it comes to range of medicines available there. There are hundreds of different types of medicines categorized under Men’s Health, Sleeping Aids, Anti-Anxiety, Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Hair Loss, Anti-Depressants, Women’s health, Skin Care, Blood Pressure, Quit Smoking, Diabetes, Gastro Health, Antibiotics, General Health, Asthma and Allergy.

The site ships medicines to every country and all over the world. But there are two exceptions, the company is not delivering any of their products to the States of Kansas and Nevada in United States. They claim to deliver their products with 10 to 17 working days. It also provides a free bonus to customers making a second purchase with the company.

The company claims to have a team ofexperienced physician who analyze every order before approving it for delivery. The package along with the ordered medicines also contains information about the usage, precautionary information and dose.

Customer Reviews

The site is a scam and a rip-off, claimed by many of their past customers. They even change the feedback provided at their website by customers to make it look good. The customer support is unresponsive and there is no way to get your money back.

According to many customers, they receive the packages from the company within few days but after a use of drugs for few days, they discover that the pills werefake. Most customers claim that they were lured by the cheap prices of medicines and even ordered supplies for months that ended up in fake medicines costing customers hundreds of dollars. As the customer service is not responsive, you cannot talk to anyone in the company to get a refund of your money.

According to the scamadviser.com, the site is scam and 0% safe to use for any financial transaction. Similarly, complaintsboard.com shows that the company is operated from Russia while they claimed that they are a Canadian based company. They also operate under different names with couple of more scam websites that include canadian-healthcare-shop.com andgeneric1pharmacy.com. Both sites have same contact number for customer support as the24x7-pharmacy.com. The contact number is an unresponsive mobile phone number from Baltimore, MD.

Conclusive Remarks

With so many negative reviews and complaints about fake medicines and scam site, the site earns 1 out of 5 rating. It is clearly a scam website that operates from Russia with number of other similar scam websites. Our readers must avoid this website if they want to avoid any financial loss. You may find the prices extremely attractive to make a purchase, but they are low because you will get fake medicines, or you will not get anything at all. As there is no active customer support, whatever you pay during any transaction, the amount is not coming back.

  • Itachi Madara

    Funny how this negative review is from someone who has not even used the site.

    • Gerald Voigt

      I used the site and was satisfied and had a positive customer service experience.

  • Zack

    Has anyone tried anything from this site?

    • Gerald Voigt

      Yes, with great success and superior customer service. Just send them an email and they get right back to you.

  • Fish

    Funny how Richard, the author of this article can be so correct in his assessment of this online pharmacy 24×7-phamamacy, 24/7-pharma, 24/7-meds, etc.
    He has obviously used 24×7-pharmacy before to have come to this conclusion and to put his recommendation, warning and name to the article.

    What you say is 100% TRUE!

    Thank you, Richard.

  • Daniel T.

    I never received my shipment. I tried to call several 800 numbers on their site, in the purchase email, etc., and no one answers the phone. I am going to contact my credit card company and report I never received my product. They are a scam–DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!

  • Grant

    LOOK at Richards ‘photo’ of himself above.. then search google ‘BOBBY CONN BETS’ and then check the images and see who’s face appears. Still trust ‘Richard’ ?

  • Maryn

    They took my credit card after they sent me jacked up piles that were no good and made purchases in the UK and China. I am having a mess. Thankfully they know where the charges are coming from and took them off my bill. Don’t use this company!!!

  • Gerald Voigt

    I had a great experience with my purchase from this company and found their customer service to be more than adequate. They responded immediately and made things right. I will shop here again

  • Jason Sophya Charles

    I just placed an order with them. Did not get email confirmation nor can I reach them but they have charged my card. Now explain to me how this is a reputable company?

    • Kevin Cazad

      I paid in Bitcoin, thank God it was less than 100 bucks but I still want my 58 bucks refund if they aren’t even going to send me the product. I have received no order confirmation and I have sent multiple emails. I tried calling their U.S. number which just tells you to go to the email as well. I guess losing 60 bucks isn’t an impossible loss…

      • Jason Sophya Charles

        I got my order. Sorry I didn’t update

        • Kevin Cazad

          Thanks, i also eventually got my order.

  • Dawn W Willams
  • Dawn W Willams

    My bank put a block on my order due to suspicious activity. I called customer service to cancel the order of antibiotics. My bank lifted the block from my account. This Canadian pharmacy charged my card the very next morning at 1am without authorization. All of a sudden I can’t reach anyone by phone nor email. The emails are saying “error message” & phone sends me to a fax line. Before this I’ve spoken to a phone rep like 6 times.

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