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We recommend to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders

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Cheap-Rx (Pharmacy Mall) is among the top online stores. The website so far serves more than 1 million customers from all around the globe. The online store features a wide range of healthcare products and drugs under different health categories like Allergies, Birth Control, Diabetes, Hair Loss, Weight Loss, Skin Care and more. In addition to almost all other health categories, ED and Sexual Health drugs are listed as their featured products.

When it comes to prices, the online pharmacy is the cheapest you can find on the internet. The prices are rock bottom with exceptionally low prices for their featured ED generic drugs. The average price of generic Viagra on the internet is $0.9 to $1.1 but is selling the same generic version for only $0.27 per pill. Brand Viagra is offered for only $2.56 while the average price is almost $20 per pill.

Established in 1997, Cheap-Rx is rated among the oldest online pharmacies. Customers can reach their support through phone contacts and email. It is also licensed by CIPA and MIPA, and verified by FDA and Pharmacy Checker. Payment options include debit and credit cards of Visa and MasterCard. Shipping is also offered through multiple options which offer fast shipping but for more price. The website is also user friendly, with prices available in more than 10 currencies and website in 5 different languages to cater to the needs of their international customers. Reviews

Customer reviews, online feedback and testimonials are available on the internet that are all positive. From their customer feedback, it is evident that the website enjoys a great online reputation. At one online review and coupon website, RX Discount Coupons, the website is voted as 5 out of 5 star website. Reviews

Customer testimonials are also all positive with praises about their quality and rock bottom prices. One of the positives about the website is that the testimonials and reviews are from different North American and European countries which reflect their global reach and popularity of their products in both continents. Reviews1

Customers from United States, UK, Andorra, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Ireland and many other countries are all impressed with their services and quality. Most of the customers also praised their quick shipping which shows their commitment no matter from where in the world you are ordering your drugs.

All in all, the online store is doing great in terms of online feedback. It is also rated as trustworthy and legitimate online source to make purchases by scam alert websites like scam adviser. Reviews 2015

There is no change in customer feedback in last couple of years as it remained positive. There is hard to find a single negative comment or complaint anywhere on the internet. Reviews 2015

According to one customer, Jacob from France, the website offers very fast service along with very responsive and helpful customer service. He claimed that his order was not processed by the website so he ordered through phone and was surprised how helpful the support staff was.

All in all, if you are looking for a good trustworthy online pharmacy that not only sell quality drugs especially ED, there is no other website with better prices than this one. This is the cheapest option you get on the internet for your medication. Coupon Codes

The prices are rock bottom but there is more Cheap-Rx offers when it comes to customer’s convenience. Customers have an option to take advantage of additional deals, offers and coupon codes to double their savings.

  • Free Shipping. The online store offers free shipping on all orders that worth more than $200.
  • Free Pills. The store also offers free pills, mostly ED like Viagra and Cialis with every order.
  • Coupon Code 10% Discount. The coupon code QZ-7678 offers 10% discount on all orders without any minimum order requirement.
  • ED Trial Packs. The online store also offers different combinations of ED pills in trial packs with discounted prices.


Cheap-Rx is a well designed website with a user friendly interface. The drugs are also listed under different categories which make it easier for customers to search for the drugs. In terms of prices, there is literally no other match for Cheap-Rx. It is also licensed by multiple pharmacy verification organizations while the drugs are also approved by FDA. Customers have an option to choose from generic and brand version of same drugs. In terms of customer feedback, the online pharmacy is still doing great with above average feedback from customers. Due to all the listed facts about this store, there is no reason to give this website any less than 5 out of 5 star rating.

Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders
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  • Mamun

    I want to buy clovate crema.its must necessary for me.i search different place but i could not find it.i am from Bangladesh.please help me for find it.

    • Alam

      Hey Mamun are from Phantom?

    • Vrushabh Ainapure


      • Jack Anderson


      • Jack Anderson


  • Bosco

    My first order arrived in 8 days, and I could not be happier with their products, prices and service. However, their customer service toll-free number (1-800-903-7309 from U.S.) is never answered; this is of concern, as the second order I placed with them shows an apparently non-existent shipping tracking number. I will cross my fingers and hope that my second order works out as well as the first one.

    • Jordan

      Did you ever receive your order?

  • Nancy

    Great first-time experience!

    One of the meds I take has gone up so much in price, and I did some research into ordering from The price was much cheaper, and since this is the first time I have ordered from them, I was thoroughly impressed at the efficiency and timely manner in setting up and processing my order. Good job!

    • RedHead

      Again, you ordered medicines from this pharmacy without a prescription? Please let me know as everyone here talks about ordering and receiving, but the process isn’t discussed. I’d really like to know. I’m not looking for narcotics, just regular meds.

  • Daniel Martinez

    No prescription needed, legitimate drugs, fast service, low cost. Only downside was the amount charged for shipping I was charged $19.95, I had dealt with a pharmacy in Canada and was charged only $10 for shipping but all in all the total price was $29 cheaper and I got my drugs after 5 days!

    The prices charged in a regular pharmacy in the USA is exorbitant the drug company’s are charging way too much!!!

    • MaGee

      what website are you talking about that you do not need prescriptions?

  • Ryan

    can someone confirm?
    got order in a timely manner and was all you ordered? thanks

  • leo

    Is this a legitimate site? seems like its copy and paste from all the other online pharmacies. Any actual customers that can confirm they received their order?

    • mariano

      I received mine.
      I order on 2nd November and got it nearly 7 weeks later due probably to Christmas delays.

    • Brian

      I ordered some meds from this site back in August of 2016, paid the $19,95 for expedited shipping, and received them fairly quickly, something like 5-6 days. The drugs I received were made in India by a company called USV. I just ordered another supply and will report back on the outcome. Honestly, i have ordered meds from overseas pharmacies quite a few times over the years and have never had a problem. I suppose if one has a problem, one can always dispute the charge with your credit card company.

      • Chad Robinson

        I have been researching this for months and just placed my first order for $63 (with the EMS shipping fee) I live in USA and will definitely update

  • john

    never received my medication !!! and they said that they refund you but never did it … !!! fraud !!! i’m from canada

    • Brian

      Just curious, but how long has it been? In my experience in ordering from Indian and other overseas companies, sometimes it takes over 3 weeks to get your meds unless you pay the expedited shipping fee.

  • Brian

    For the record: Ordered meds on January 8, 2017. Paid $19.95 for expedited shipping + $4.95 shipping insurance. Received today Saturday January 14, 2017. So 6 days. Not bad, in my opinion. This is the second time I have ordered from them and have been very satisfied with the service. Shipped from New Delhi, India. Meds are manufactured by Indian manufacturer USV.

  • Hal Weiss

    I placed my order on 1/19 with regular shipping, my credit card was charged immediatly but of course I have not received anything yet & when I call their so called customer service numbers (800 790-0394 & 903-7309) I get no answer so needless to say I am getting a litttle nervous & feeling like I have been scammed! I just sent them an email questioning status hopefully they will reply. Anyone out there know of another good number I can call this company with please?

  • Hal Weiss

    OK, just read Brian’s note below from 12 days ago (“In my experience in ordering from Indian and other overseas companies, sometimes it takes over 3 weeks to get your meds unless you pay the expedited shipping fee”) so I will give it a few more days, but still nervous, I did read that I would get the medication in 2 to 3 business days when I place the order & I don’t like the fact that I cannot get in touch with the company!

    • RedHead

      Is a prescription required for ordering medicines?

  • Nabin Pokhrel

    I want to buy clovate crema.its must necessary for me.i search different place but i could not find it.i am from south korea.please help me for find it.

  • Len

    I Don’t know why your review Sam says this
    ” It is also licensed by CIPA and MIPA, and verified by FDA and Pharmacy Checker” When from what I can find out it is not licensed or approved by anyone!?
    Am I missing something here?

  • Ricardo

    Is this for real?

  • Vrushabh Ainapure

    How by dis

  • Gerald

    How can you know if the meds are not just placebo or sugar pills? I received my meds but after doing some research I’m scared to take them. Can anyone verify the meds are legit?! Thanks!

    • NJ

      Gerald, I have the same concerns.

  • matt

    Ordered October 8th 2017, 4pm. Expedited shipping … have ordered from online before. Sometimes it takes a couple extra days. Most orders are from India and I’m very much satisfied with the products. I have ordered Viagra generic (Nizagara) it works exactly as it should . I’ll post again as I receive my package

    • linkitty

      have you not received anything yet? that’s quite concerning

  • linkitty

    anyone from Canada received anything? i ordered airmail shipping and spent like $300 on the pills and it’s been precisely a month since the ordered date, i didn’t call because i can’t but apparently the customer support thing doesn’t have any response whatsoever…it claimed that they will respond me in 24hours but apparently it had already passed some 30hours or so

    • linkitty

      ok i have received an email from them saying they were sorry some international orders went wrong and may offer me resend for free, at least they were not completely unresponsive..

    • linkitty

      um i received 2 packages at different days each containing part of my order. but they are not everything i ordered so i’m thinking do i need to wait a few days for more packages to show up or what… good thing i did receive something


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